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A Guide for Every Owner Living in City Flood Prone Areas

Things You Shouldn’t Do After the City Floods: Helpful Tips From Water Damaged Restoration Specialists

Urban flooding is common in cities with poor drainage systems. Since most parts of the cities are covered with concrete and asphalt, it’s harder to absorb water using natural process. The effect can be very devastating but owners have to move forward. To avoid excessive loss of properties, many owners living in city floods prone areas have their building insured. In case this happens to you, here are some tips from water damage specialists on what you shouldn’t do after the city floods:

Entering the flooded home without the guidance of an electrician

If you are returning to your home after the evacuation, ask an electrician to accompany you. Don’t attempt to touch or step on the wet surface. A live wire might be exposed to water causing a serious electrical accident. Electricians knew what to do. They can give proper diagnostics and instructions.

Drying wet furniture using regular drying methods

As soon as you enter the flooded area, a bunch of wet furniture will catch your attention. Considering their properties, it would be impossible to dry them using the traditional methods. You can’t just bring them outside, and wait for the sun to dry them. This method is not just time-consuming but also dangerous to your furniture. It would make your sofa smelly. The contained water could destroy the aesthetic appeal of your wooden cabinets and tables. To address this problem, make sure to hire a water damage restoration company before the end of the day.

Ignoring the wet floors and walls

Once you dry your furniture, the next thing that you have to do is to dry the wet floor and walls. Water damaged specialists are fully equipped for the job. Some of them could even remove the molds that have accumulated on the affected area. Depending on the scale of the damaged, owners might decide to tear the timbers on the floor and replace it with new ones. Working with professionals is very important. Once you ignored wet floors and walls, assure that it would only be a matter of time until molds and termites find their way on your home— and surely, no homeowners want to deal with the consequences that come with it.

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