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Main Fire Damage Restoration Methods

Common Fire Restoration Service Inclusions

The consequences in which fire can bring into one’s family can be awfully devastating. The combination of fire and smoke can cause severe destruction that’s inevitable. The ruin can take the form of destroyed staircases, damaged rooftops, and burned pieces of furniture, for instance. Fortunately, fire restoration services are available for every homeowner or business owner to help them sort through the mess caused by the fire. If you’re wondering what kind of assistance to expect from this type of service provider, continue reading the next few paragraphs.


Once the first step of calling a fire restoration company is done, you can expect restoration specialists to respond to your needs. A technician will be inspecting and testing the damaged area. This is important so that the destruction will be analyzed and a proper plan can be constructed to counter the damage.

Board Up and Tarping

Fire can destroy the windows, doors, roofs, and pretty much everything else. The gap holes will be present once the fire is put out. This is can cause an invitation to further unexpected problems. This includes pest infestation that can create more problems aside from the fire damage. The professional help of restoration experts can board up a newly formed opening to the home. Through tarps, they can protect your property from further ruin.

Smoke and Soot Cleanup

One of the most important methods that will be applied to the service that you hired them for, is clean up. The soot residue, discolored appliances, rust formation can start forming into an acid residue if it is not cleaned. The professionals can sanitize the area properly for this to be comfortable and healthy again.

If you are in need of fire restoration services, Disaster Restoration Inc has the expertise. Our professional team in Matthews, NC can help you restore the damages in your home caused by fire. To know more about the services that we provide, give us a call at (704) 980-0796. Call us and book an appointment today!

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