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We Don’t Just Handle Water Damage Services; We Provide Mold Remediation Services Too in Matthews, NC

There are many reasons mold can grow in your property. While it can easily thrive in moisture-rich areas like your bathroom, it can also be found in other parts of your house. These fungi aren’t just an eyesore, it can be a great health concern as well. That’s why you should never take its presence lightly. Whether it’s because of ventilation issues or because of water damage, let Disaster Restoration Inc handle your mold remediation service needs. The people in Matthews, NC and the surrounding areas can take advantage of our hassle-free, affordable, and exceptional services.

Why is it so important?

Water Damage Matthews NCThe presence of mold in your property is a major health issue. It can cause significant health problems, especially for people with compromised immune systems. So if you have small children, infirm loved ones, or elderlies, it’s vital that you should get professional mold remediation services right after water damage. It will not just prevent health problems, but it can also minimize deterioration in your household materials. To ensure you’ll get hassle-free and impeccable mold remediation services in the Matthews, NC area, you can always count on Disaster Restoration Inc for the job.



Why work with us?

We at Disaster Restoration Inc make use of specialized tools and cutting-edge machines to effectively remove the vast majority of mold in your walls, ceiling, floors, and other areas of your house. We use methods that are safe and efficient in cleaning away mold. We will not just remove mold in your property, we will also help identify its cause to prevent recurring issues. If it’s a ventilation issue, we will let you know what would be the next action to be taken. If it’s because of water damage, we’ll ensure possible mold growth will be prevented.

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So whenever you need mold remediation services anywhere in the Matthews, NC area, you now know which company to turn to. To learn more about our offers, call us at (704) 980-0796 today!

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