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Spotting Water Damage

How to Spot Plumbing Issues

Detecting water leaks and moisture can be very useful for homes. Even a small leak might result in water damage, which can seriously affect your home since it’s vital to identify and stop water leakage as soon as possible.

Musty Smells

A musty or moldy smell is a common sign of flood damage. Although the smell can quickly spread throughout the entire structure, it is typically strongest where the water leakage was initially seen. Usually, musty smells signify mold growth, which is quite dangerous. If a new smell arises or an existing one becomes stronger, check it immediately.


If you notice mold development, there is water where there shouldn’t be. Mold will gradually spread to moist areas over time since it thrives in surroundings with a consistent source of moisture. Mold can have a gray, blue, green, or fuzzy appearance. Mold can be found in attics, basements, bathrooms, kitchens, along floorboards, and any other area we don’t usually visit (this is why it is important to identify signs of hidden water leakage ). Please do not ignore any indicators of mold growth in your home since trained professionals should address them immediately due to the serious health hazards it poses when inhaled.

Water Spots

Dark or discolored spots on the ceiling or walls suggest possible standing water. Most water stains expand into shapes with wavy borders and have a yellowish-brown hue. Water stains on the ceiling and walls frequently indicate a slow, continuous leak that may be related to a plumbing fixture or pipe. You may have a roof leak if water stains on the ceiling appear darker, larger, or more obvious when it rains heavily.

Increased Water Usage Or Bills

A sudden, unexplained increase in your water usage or water bill could be another sign of unnoticed water damage. Compare your current bill to the previous one each month. Depending on the season, water usage will vary monthly, but a sudden spike could signify something more serious. Ensure water-using devices are turned off when not in use and check visible pipes for any potential leaks.

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