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This Might Help You Prevent Water Leaks and Damage!

Signs That Your Home Is Experiencing Water Damage 

Did you know that water leaks are the 3rd most common causes of property damage among homeowners? And a lot of these could have been prevented if a homeowner addressed the issue immediately. However, some neglect the problem because they don’t know if their house is experiencing water damage or not. Take a look at some of the warning signs below:

Sudden increase in the water bill

If you have checked the difference of your water bill for the last 3 months and noticed that it has skyrocketed in the last month, this could be a sign that there is a leak somewhere in your plumbing system at home. Do not wait for this water leak to get out of hand and call a professional water damage restoration service right away.

Moldy smell

The moldy smell or odor usually comes from the basement or the cellars (if any) of your house. This kind of smell is usually a sign that there are moisture issues going around in some areas of your house. If you start to smell these molds, plan an action immediately, and let the professionals handle it!

Build up of molds

Of course, there would be no moldy smell without the presence of molds itself. So, if you see that there is a buildup of mold in some areas of your home, it needs to be addressed immediately to prevent spreading and further damage. You can temporarily wipe off the mold by applying bleach on the affected area. But nothing beats the help of a professional who will totally get rid of that mold in your home.

If you start to see any of these signs, contact a professional water damage restoration service now. You can hire Disaster Restoration Inc. We are based in Matthews, NC. Or you can dial (704) 980-0796 now and take advantage of our free estimates and discounts for military and senior citizens!

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